《Hawaiian Beans》"THE KONA 100"コナコーヒー ★250g★ 定番のコナはシングルオリジンでご提供します。

《Hawaiian Beans》"THE KONA 100"コナコーヒー ★250g★ 定番のコナはシングルオリジンでご提供します。

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Tasting notes: Honey-butter, toffee, nougat, graham, cacao, stone fruit. Light and syrupy mouthfeel. Origin: Kona District, Big Island Farm: Hualalai, Hawaii Varietal: typica, Progeny 502 Processing: washed Roast: medium Bulk: 23% off 5 lb bags. FRESH CROP KONA COFFEE, EXTRA FANCY Famed for its spectacular climate, gorgeous beaches, golden sunsets and - yes - exceptional coffee, Kona needs no introduction. This lot is fresh crop, meaning it was harvested just a short while ago, now it's fresh out of the parchment, bright with native flavors and ready to roast. It's crisp with flavors of peach and toffee, rich with honey butter, nougat, and cacao, lifted by floral aromatics and supported by a syrupy mouthfeel.